“Wills Town” — Allegany County, Maryland

Wills Town area 1908

“Will’s Town was the name the Indians and White Traders called this area as early as 1728.  It included the thousands of acres of land alongside the water, which became known as Will’s Creek.  It empties into the Potomac River in Cumberland, Maryland. Will’s Creek passed through the Narrows alongside Will’s Mountain, then on past Mt. Savage Junction.  Will’s Town included the land along Jennings Run from Corriganville to Barrelville, another favorite place for the Indians to camp, also the land of Mt. Savage and Frostburg, Maryland.  Among the early families living in Will’s Town area were: Arnold, Anderson, Baer, Barcus, Beall, Blubaugh, Boyer, Bruce, Byran, Clark, Combs, Crowe, DeVore, Durgin, Eckard, Elwell, Frost, Fogle, Gary, Grate, Glessner, Grimes, Gwynne, Hansel, Hitchins, Houser, Hunter, Jones, Kimberly, Logue, Lowery, Logsdon, Lister, Lancaster, Magers, Mattingly, Merrill, Meyers, McKenzie, McVicker, Milton, Minch, Miller, Musselman, Moore, Neff, Newmyer, Oswald, Parker, Preston, Porter, Richards, Rizer, Robinson, Rickard, Shockey, Sisler, Sapp, Smith, Starner, Taylor, Tomlinson, Toothman, Trimble, Uhl, Waddle, Winebrenner, Winters, Workman, Wycoff.”


Hazel Groves Hansrote, “Will’s Town”, Our Brick Walls (www.ourbrickwalls.com)

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin, Historical Maps; Frostburg Quadrant, USGS, 1908 Edition; (http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/)

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