Duchy of Oldenburg

Wilke Lohman or Gerken  (1690 – 1761)  Gerken farm in Höltinghausen, Oldenburg

Johann Hermann Gerken  (1732 – 1774)  Gerken farm in Höltinghausen, Oldenburg

Johann Wilhelm Gerken  (1767 – 1793)  Gerken farm in Höltinghausen, Oldenburg

Catharina Maria Gerken  (1792 – 1839)  Gerken farm in Höltinghausen, Oldenburg

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Friederich Anton Gerken  (1820 – 1879)  Immigrant to the United States

Joseph John Gerken  (1857 – 1933)  Railroad and lumber in West Virginia

George William Gerkin  (1896 – 1979)  Railroad in Grafton, West Virginia

Railroad shops, Grafton, West Virginia


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2 thoughts on “GERKEN / GERKIN

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  1. Hello,
    my name is Theo Lohman from Holland and my ancestors came from Höltinghausen.
    I would like to know what your source is from data about Wilke Lohman or Gerken.
    I think that its probably the wrong Wilke, there is also a Wilhelmus (Wilke) Lohmann who was born in Höltinghausen on 17 march 1698 and she was married with Phenenna Focken born on 27 november 1704.
    Theo Lohman

    1. Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you found my website. I have the Emstek church records for the birth of Wilke Lohman in 1690, his marriage to Phenenna Focken in 1728, and his death in 1761. If you believe these are your ancestors, or if you have further information which you are able to share, please contact me again. I’ll be happy to send you photos of the church records for your research.
      Todd Gerkin

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